“Rewarding the un-sung heroes of our communities with simple gift giving”



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Rewarding those who deserved to be rewarded.

We all know that one person in our family, friendship circle or local community who goes out of their way to help others. Who go above and beyond in every single way possible to make the lives of those around them a better place.

The angels, inspirations, kind-hearted, every-thing-giving, do-it-for nothing, change-makers, leaders, selfless individuals; that without question or asking go out of their way to silently spread their un-thanked kindness across the world.

It’s those people, those selfless givers of our community who don’t get thanked. They quietly go about their business, never really understanding the impact of their kindness on others – but most importantly do it for nothing in return.

Today I want to make a change in the way we see giving.

At some point in our lives we have fundraised for a cause, a charity and a campaign that means that somebody out there suffering can have a better chance at life. However, there will come a day that all of us, no matter what lives we live will be affected by a change in personal circumstances that means we struggle. There are those of us who seek help, others who cry for it and those who do nothing but patiently wait for it to pass.

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See, with all the incredible charities out there – there isn’t one to reward people who just kindly help support the lives of others. There is not a body or organisation that says thank you to those angels in disguise for their unwavering commitment to making the work a better place.

So today I propose we do something about that. I propose that we rally together to fundraise for those people who need to be thanked. A simple but kind gesture, good deed, random act of kindness to those people who deserve it most.

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A simple bunch of flowers, a meal out for two, cinema tickets, a fridge full of food or just a simple gift they have been looking at through the window of a store for over a year.

I want to invite you to help me raise money to thank those people in our communities to make our lives a little brighter.

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That mother who cares for her daughter with a life-limiting illness. That brother who cares for his disabled sibling whilst working two jobs to keep the roof over their head. That mother who bakes countless cakes for the school bake sale and that neighbour who always takes the bin in, despite never being asked.

Let’s come together and thank those people who should and need to be thanked – for all those things they do out of the kindness of their heart.



So, here is my proposal;

Pledge – If you feel you would like to help me raise money to provide these small but impactful gifts, you can  donate here.

Nominate – If you know somebody, an un-sung hero in your community that deserves recognition for their selfless contribution to others or their community, please nominate them below.


How I will fulfil your donations –

I will use the money raised, along with the nominations made to personally fulfil those gifts. Whether it be sending flowers, gifting a gift card or personally hand delivering a more personal nominated thank you.
I will then document this, along with the gift and cost on my Facebook page and website. Keeping a running total of the amount spent – working my way up to the total raised.

All money pledged will go towards these inspirational people. I plan to be transparent and up front about where the money that you donate will go. So 100% of the money donated will go to those people nominated.

It’s simple – we pull together to help acknowledge, highlight and reward those people who deserve the ‘thank you’ for their countless selfless acts to our community.

It’s simple – we pull together to help acknowledge, highlight and reward those people who deserve the ‘thank you’ for their countless selfless acts to our community.

Let’s make this happen.

Thank you for reading.

Luke x


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