Good Deed #2

So today was one of those pretty normal days, trying to get back into the swing of life after the Christmas period. I headed over to my barber to get my hair cut (it was in desperate need of attention). After having it cut I decided to take a little walk around the town and noticed a couple of homeless guys. I myself have never been homeless and to be quite honest I can imagine how hard it must be. Somebody quite close to me once had to go through this ordeal and I just can’t imagine how life could have felt during this time.

So instead of walking up to these guys and giving them a £1 each I went into the local bakery and bought a hot sausage roll and a bottle of water. One of the homeless guys already had a sandwich so I gave him the bottle of water and the other guy the hot sausage roll. A hot meal for those guys may or may not be few and far between, but none the less I did it anyway. I hope it perked them up for at least a few minutes.

2 down…

363 to go.

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