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In a world of taking #selfies with your ‘besties’ and ‘instagramming’ pictures of your new handbag and Rolex watch whilst boasting that you’re drinking grey goose In a club with your ‘homies’ we forget to think about anyone else but ourselves. Our generation has forgotten to care about others, because we are so self obsessed with ourselves to even care what others are going through.

Life experiences have taught me to care about others, regardless of what they have gone through, who they are or what they have done we are all human and we all deserve compassion. From the rude lady in Tesco barging through the isles who unknown to anyone has a critically ill father in hospital with cancer to the homeless man who got in with the wrong crowd whilst being bullied at work and lost his job because he turned up drunk which spiraled out of control. Never judge a book by its cover as you never know what happens behind closed doors.

I’ve had a pretty crazy life. At 10 I had emergency open heart surgery because they found a hole in my heart. I was weeks away from a heart attack and luckily they caught the defect in time. From then I went on to achieve a great deal at such a young age…


I defied all the odds, all the people who told me that I never could, would or should i pushed against and did it my way, the way I knew was right. At the age of 17 I started and ran a small business, giving all the money to a local charity. At 18 I got a place at one of the top universities in the country for business. During my time at Univeristy I made some amazing friends. One in particular a young woman called Danielle. Danielle fell pregnant during our second year of university and through my love and compassion I with a few other friends helped Danni to raise her daughter Bella, all whilst wiring a dissertation! (Something I would not change for the world!)


At 21 I graduated with a top class degree and secured a place at John Lewis on their prestigious buying graduate scheme, beating 8,000 other applicants to the position. It was then in last 2011 I became homeless after a break up and still managed to get myself off to work every morning for 4 months…

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I picked myself up, left London and headed home. I picked up my spirtits, brushed myself off and travelled the world. I met some amazing people and really had the time of my life something I am so glad I have done. But my biggest turning point emotionally, mentally and spiritually was last year…

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Last year I lost somebody very dear to me from cancer. She hands down was the most amazing woman I will ever meet. She gave her whole life selflessly helping others around her and at her funeral over 4,000 people queued for 3 hours to get in and pay their respects.


So in honour of her I wanted to give something back to those who need more than I do. So my challenge began…

Which leads me to my new years resolution. 365 days, 365 good deeds. I want to try and give a little back to others from all the kindness I have been given over the past years form my own difficult personal journey. I am going to document my journey through a blog and will try and remain as anonymous as possible, only sharing what I’ve done for others to try and inspire people to do the same.

I don’t expect it to be easy and I am fully ready for the challenge ahead!

Here’s to a great 2014, not just for me but for everyone else too!


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365 To Go.

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